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Sleep Active® was founded in 2003, and is a South African based company. Sleep Active® manufactures custom-made, hand-crafted high quality Memory Foam® products. We know that the average person spends a third of their life sleeping and that the sleeping surface used plays a big role in the quality of sleep. At Sleep Active® our outlets are called Comfort Clinics™ where we educate our customers on how they sleep, the importance of the sleep products they use and is where everyone is welcome to view and test our products.

The original Comfort Clinic® was founded in 2006, when we realized that the general public was subject to being misled in their attempts to purchase beds. Beds and mattresses are often purchased on a price only basis, and the importance of the human body and its comfort do not always play a role in the decision-making process of the purchase. At Sleep Active® we know that a sleeping surface should not be seen as merely a piece of furniture, and so we believe that the best place to get advice on your sleep is your medical professionals. We aim to work with the best medical professionals available and also seek advice on our products from the medical industry.

Sleep Active® owns the registered trademark "Memory Foam®" in South Africa

Good quality Memory Foam® mattresses distribute body weight evenly, like having billions of 'little hands' carrying you. Tossing and turning is the leading cause of a poor night's sleep and Memory Foam® results in the forces on the bodies' pressure points being significantly reduced, by up to 80% in some cases, thereby resulting in a more comfortable and restful night's rest.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate in custom-made sleeping comfort resulting in the most satisfying and restorative sleep possible.

Sleep Active® believes in "No Compromise" thus we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality mattresses and products using hand-craftsmanship, innovative design and the finest materials available on the South African market.

Our Comfort Clinics™ offer exclusive guarantees on our products, and also strive to ensure that you get the best quality of sleep and comfort.

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