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Stepping Stone Hospice's Story

Sleep Active

15 April 2014

Dear Ronel On the 9th of October 2013, Sleep Active Alberton donated memory mattresses to Stepping Stone Hospice.
We have now used these mattresses extensively. We only admit patients into the In-Patient-Unit in the final days of their lives. By this time they are really frail and totally bedridden. It is quite clear that the use of the memory mattresses have decreased pressure sores from developing.
We have recommended the product to many of our longer term patients that spend a lot of time in bed. Once again, we have observed the decrease of pressure sores.
We are so grateful for the mattresses! Thank you very much. It truly is a great product.
Best regards

Joy Strydom's Story

Mrs Joy Strydom suffered from a bad back and visited the Sleep Active showroom, this is her story...
"I suffered from back pain, stiff and sore joints and headaches for many years which caused sleepless nights for me. I thought this was a normal ageing process, but after purchasing a Sleep Active ® overlay I slept through the night with hardly any pain. I was so excited that I returned to the Comfort Clinic the next morning and purchased a Sleep Active ® bed and pillows. It is now four months later, and thanks to the amazing results of their product, I am now completely pain-free."

Joy Strydom, Port Elizabeth

"This is the best gift you could give yourself"

I had to write this letter, as I need to spread the word, of what a difference a sleep active bed overlay has made in my life. And hopefully, other people will do the same.

I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1997, so with all ups and downs, a VERY Important part of this problem, is a good nights rest, it hasn't been so much lying down and falling asleep, its that I have also been on treatment (injections) for 12 years now, so no matter what mattress I sleep on, I now have scare tissue, so all over my body, is very sensitive.

It got to a point, where I would just cry, because as much as you try not think about this all the time, its a little hard, when simple things, like tying a belt, lying on my side, lying on my tummy are SO painful! So my life became about taking pain killers and anti inflams. AND of course, whenever infecting an area, antibiotics.

A friend of mine, mentioned that I should try out an overlay, I really didn't think much of it, I mean really now, I still have to lie on the affected areas... ???? But, I was open to anything, that maybe, just maybe, gives me some sort of relieve. A life with pain is not a great one.

So off I went to Sleep active, Park meadows, and the whole time, in two minds, would it really make a difference? After a chat with Fernando ( very friendly owner), telling him my concerns, I decided, nothing to lose. By the first night, it had me, I got my sleep back!

I can happily say, that was a HAPPY ending!

I am SO happy, I made that decision, as, sleep has never ever been so comfortable, I can lie anyway I like, you don't put pressure on all the painful areas, so BEST thing I could have done.

The reason I am telling this story, is simply because, I KNOW there are alot of people out there, that know exactly where I am coming from, and they will also benefit from, my information. This is the best gift you could give yourself.

Filipa Mendes Gomes, Gauteng

Hello Peter:

A year ago I bought a king-sized, extra length Sleep Active mattress and two contour pillows. I'd tried almost every name-brand mattress available and Sleep Active was by far the best quality. It remains one of the best purchases I've ever made.

After a hectic period at work, I started having some neck problems. The contour pillow didn't feel right for me at this point. I phoned Sleep Active to ask if there was a way to repurpose the pillows or if I would just have to buy new ones. To my surprise, Rhada said I could come into the store and swap them out, no questions asked.

At the store itself, Ganesh helped me pick out new pillows. Despite being in a pillow protector from day one, there was light staining on one of the pillow covers. Ganesh still facilitated the exchange.

The only thing better than their products is their service. I can't recommend Sleep Active Rosebank / Sandton highly enough.

PS - there is a competitor memory foam product being sold online, typically via Group On. I initially made the mistake of purchasing one of their mattresses to save some money. Trust me - do not waste your time. There is no comparison in terms of quality and it was a mission to return.

Hello Peter:

I have been struggling to find a good pillow for a long time. I sleep on my tummy and have been having severe neck pain and stiffness. I contacted Yvonne, via my physio, and she asked me to come in & try the Sleep Active Comfort pillow. I went in last week and Yvonnne spent a long time with me discussing my problems. She offered me a pillow on a trial period and I have not had any neck pain or stiffness since using it, nor have I woken up during the night. I would like to compliment Yvonne or her friendly approach, knowledge of the product & after sales service, she is an asset to the company and I would recommend both the pillow and Yvonne to anyone who is having trouble sleeping.

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